Coming up on the Show 24th October

This week we feature your ‘gym’ puns on songs and bands

We have Beth’s origin of phrases, as well as the historical song, the anti-influences, Cringy corner and Auntie Russ. We also have the usual amazing coup in the form of a duet between Russ and Depeche Mode

Local music comes from Indigo Dogmat and Thea Gilmore

the sofa studio set up

We also have Bellowhead, The Shamen, The Goodies and more

We discuss the lockdown latest, Chester news, and update you on the latest Circl8 news.

We do all this in two hours on Circl8 radio from ten UK time Click at the top or even below to listen live. You can listen live at

At you can interact via the stations message board, or you can catch us on the facebook page

russ in the corner studio

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