Coming up on the Show 29th August

This week we feature your ‘sweet and biscuit’ puns on songs and bands

We have Beth’s collective nouns, as well as the producer dogs, the anti-influencers and pigeon watch, We also have an amazing coup in the form of a biscuity remix of ‘Dawn’s’ hit, ‘Tie a blue riband round the old oak tree’

Local music comes from Owen Chamberlain, The Time Bandits and Virginia Kettle of ‘Merry Hell’ fame

We also have Mungo Jerry, The Sex Pistols, Dusty Springfield and more

We discuss the lockdown latest, a plague of youths in Chester, and the #WorldBigDogWalk. and update you on the latest Circl8 news

We do all this in two hours on Circl8 radio from ten UK time Click at the top or even below to listen live. If you want to interact with the show, there is now the perfect opportunity at where there is now a ‘message the station’ chat box!

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