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19th September 2020 Northern Girl (Beth) and Midlands Boy (Russell) #NGMB had fun with #cricket puns following England’s drawing of the One Day International competition against Australia (only to go and lose in the 3rd game, but hey, it’s the taking part, right?!). The good people of Facebook joined in with lots of ideas, honorable mension to Sam Ryley of Canteen Create who suggested Crease Lightning, ….you get the idea.

The Northern Girl made an effort and got into the spirit, Howzat?!

We covered all the hot topics in Chester, well, some of them, like the new Aparthotel, cancelling of the annual Walls Run and the petition to save the Motorcyle/Scooter parking at The Groves, as set up by the Chester Legion XX Scooter Crew – Check out the 38 degrees petition below.


Winnie, one of the Producer dogs watches on

Russell tried his hand at Agony Aunt-ing, Am I the only one with an irrational fear of using the wrong nozzle at the petrol station? Well, not anymore, problem solved!

We played 3 “Best Songs Ever” according to messages flooding in on the Circl8 Radio chatboard, not bad out of 12 songs! Most underrated bands Bellowhead and The Wannadies featured.

We Want Your Music!

Local to Cheshire? (If not, no worries, we’ll still accept your music) – please send links to your stuff here

Next week’s Facebook feature…. Words in Songs/Bands/Artists that can be replaced with things you’d find in a hardware shop or tool box (anything by MC Claw Hammer, Circles in the Sand Paper…..)

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