NGMB 2nd January Show

This week we look forward to Spring and wave goodbye to the two-day hangovers.

We have the anti-influences, Cringy corner, Auntie Russ doing more tarot on the radio and Beth’s quizlett about 2020 newspeak! This weeks facebook feature was making normal songs into drinking songs- we will read out and namecheck our favourites and the fun reaches a shuddering climax as Russ does a duet with Steppenwolf (the band, not the DC character)

The producer dogs are having a well earned week off

Local music comes from The Family Mahone, and Merry Hell in the form of their new single

We discuss the lockdown latest, Chester news, and update you on the latest Circl8 news including a big announcement about the song writing competition

We do all this in two hours on Circl8 radio from ten UK time Click at the top or even below to listen live. You can listen live at

At you can interact via the stations message board, or you can catch us on the facebook page

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