Photo shoot with Ye Lo Snow

Secretive by nature but highly talented, we are pleased to announce that we are mentoring this spectacular talent through his first tentative steps in his musical career.

Last week we played his cover of ‘Anarchy in the UK’ to amassed critical acclaim. This week we have his interpretation of Ken Dodd’s theme ‘Happiness’

It’s a shame his diction isn’t better, as he misses the aitches on ‘happiness’- and if that makes you snigger, you are not giving the lad a chance, but have possibly found a radio show you will like. His diction will improve, and he will out grow us and fly the nest.

According to rumour he is the bastard son of Hank Wanger who we supported back in our ‘Bradford Community Broadcasting’ days. Hank was a decidely 2nd rate Country star who died on stage at Telfords Warehouse. Russ asked Yo Lo about this and he just said ‘Yo’ – a lot. We have dug hard and found a photo of Hank- can you spot the family resembelance?

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