Meet the cast: The anti-influencers

It’s simple- we’re not kids anymore, and we don’t fit in to this world of reality TV.

Our demographic is unique, and we thought we could learn how to use it for the common good , as well as gloam loads of free stuff for ourselves.

We came across a breed of youth who style themselves ‘Social Meadia Influencers’. They mostly look as though they think appearance is everything- but I doubt this will offend any of them, as I’m over the 20 word attention span.

We realised that in the time a genuine influencer was ready to go to the pub, we’d be three pints down and scouting out the kebab shop, and thus a plan was born.

In this age of image being more important than substance, we thought that advertising departments would bend over backwards to stop us mentioning their product, and therefore every week we select a goal list, and tell the world who we are threatening to publisise on air the next week.

Which is the sadder title- ‘Social media Influencer’ or ‘Life Coach’?

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